Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I’m Watching: True Blood

True Blood: Season 3, Episode 5 “Trouble” (B)

This really is a weird show. Explaining it to someone else is quite difficult, and might sound even more preposterous than “Lost.” The connection between Eric’s pre-vampire past and the King of Mississippi is definitely going to shake things up, especially considering how honest and forthright Eric was when Bill walked in and he was caught in his lie about who was responsible for selling the vampire blood. It’s a relief that Bill still ran to Sookie’s rescue even after claiming not to care for her and informing Eric that she is no longer his. I found Eric and Lorena’s reactions to the presence of the other to be quite entertaining and interesting. There are so many layers of duplicity going on here, and it now seems that the sides are being clearly defined, with Bill, Sookie, Alcide, and probably Eric on one side and pretty much every vampire and werewolf on the opposite side. The other supporting characters are busy engaging in sexual affairs, some much more questionable and less safe than others. The pleasant budding relationship is that of Lafeyette and his mother’s caretaker Jesus, and it’s nice to see Lafayette get along well with someone who likes him for a change. Tara certainly looks terrified of the zany Franklin’s plan to make her his forever by turning her into a vampire, and I’d much rather he just killed her and didn’t revive her than keep her as a distraction for Bill and Sookie to have to rescue instead of starting to wage their war right away. Jason is the worst cop ever, pulling a woman over for nothing at all without a badge or a shirt, and his new romance with a mysterious creature (mermaid?) will likely lead only to weird places. By far the most intriguing and awesome part of the episode is Jessica, who glamors customers into not giving the spiteful Arlene tips and starts to bond with Sam’s brother (giving him something useful to do) over the presence of Hoyt in the bar. Sookie's display of power was also pretty damn cool.

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