Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Top 25 Episodes of 2009-2010: #15-11

As a forerunner to the 4th Annual AFT Television Awards, my choices for the best of the most recent TV season which begin next week, here is a reader-requested run-through of the top 25 episodes of the 2009-2010 television season. Click on episode titles to read my original reviews of the episodes. Beware spoilers.

#15: “Service” (Sons of Anarchy)

It’s tough to describe the intensity of this episode, which followed Gemma’s confession to Jax and Clay about her rape and featured Opie learning who actually killed Donna. Opie making Agent Stahl cry really shook the foundation of this show, breaking apart a character who once got right up after having her head smashed down on a table. This third-to-last episode sent the second season of this show into its most unstoppable and reckless mode.

#14: “The Delivery” (The Office)

I didn’t actually get a chance to review this episode because I was in the midst of traveling right before the Oscars, but Nancy’s guest review does the episode justice. It’s a wonderful hour that pays tribute to a truly great couple on the show, and like the other hour-long episode this season (stay tuned in this series), it was the comedic highlight of a woefully uneven season that addressed not just one couple but also two others.

#13: “Pilot” (Justified)

It’s no surprise that FX’s newest series had a strong debut considering the network’s history. Timothy Olyphant is a perfect fit for the role of the Wild West-style U.S. Marshal who finds himself deported to Kentucky. Boyd Crowder is one of the best and most complex villains to grace the small screen in a long time, and Ava Crowder’s first appearance was also magnificent.

#12: “En Garde” (Modern Family)

This episode was particularly fun because it gave audiences a peek into previously unseen characteristics of some of the characters. Jay making T-shirts in support of his family members, Claire and Mitchell rehashing their figure-skating, Phil spouting real estate mnemonics, and Manny preparing to fence with his whole family watching are just some of the magical moments that made this show the best new comedy of the season.

#11: “Chuck Versus Operation Awesome” (Chuck)

This episode followed the three-hour season mega-premiere and did more than hint that the third season would be just as cool as the third. Awesome in action making up stories about encountering a bear to Ellie was fun, but the most promising part of it was the introduction of the incomparable Agent Shaw, who was instantly impressive, mysterious, and a huge asset for the third season of this show.

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Greg Boyd said...

"The Delivery" was probably my favorite "Office" episode of the season, although part one was definitely better than part two.

Haven't watched any of the others.

Fabio Nascimento said...

Once again, great choices all around, especially the Justified's Pilot which is amazing.

I'm surprised with the episode chosen for Chuck, definately not one of my favorites (I never really cared for Shaw). Would've picked 'CV the First Class' or 'CV the Tic Tac' instead.