Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Round Two: The Bridge

The Bridge: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Fat Lady Sings the Blues” (B)

Well, nothing scares this guy. Not the threat of going to jail or getting shot by an armed hostage taker with a gun. He’s even willing to procure some heroin for two armed men holding a café hostage. If nothing else, Frank Leo is a unique character, a sort of real-life superman who anyone on the police force seeking justice can call in for any problem, big or small. His nonchalant reaction to being rhetorically asked whether he’s the one doing the hostage negotiating indicates just how ready he is to go to bat for any member of the police force who feels like they’ve been wronged. The way this episode ends, with a close-up on Frank’s face as medical attention is called in for the beaten police officer, cements the tone and theme of this series. When a villain gives a five-minute ultimatum when there are only three minutes left in the episode, it can only be so thrilling. Still, those last few minutes proved to be quite intense, as all of the cops riddle the hostage takers with bullets even after they put their hands up to surrender because of how savagely they treated (and possibly murdered) their fellow officer. This isn’t a great episode, but it does help solidify the format of the show and make it seem like a premise that could last and carry the show for a while. I was hoping for more of a connection between the waitress who was in on it, especially when the cop told Frank that he suspected that, but alas this was just an average, less than extraordinary case.

Yikes! As of late last night, "The Bridge" has been unceremoniously cancelled by CBS. Airing only two episodes is hardly giving a show a chance, but putting it on Saturday nights during the summer isn't exactly fair either. If you like the show, it will still be airing in Canada, but no more episodes will grace the airwaves in the United States.

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