Monday, July 5, 2010

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice

Burn Notice: Season 4, Episode 5 “Neighborhood Watch” (B+)

I really have to hand it to Michael. Throughout this episode, he had to deal with a troublesome client who refused to follow his instructions and an assassin he needed to capture who just kept getting the upper hand. By episode’s end, however, he had swiftly and conclusively dealt with the drug dealers who were harassing the doctor at the clinic and managed to capture the elusive Kendra. I feared for a while that Kendra would end up getting the drop on Michael and taking him hostage, but fortunately Michael, with some help from Sam, came through and now has her safely stored in the trunk of his car. In addition to Navi Rawat’s portrayal of Kendra, whose flirtatiousness with Michael elicited some snarky jealousy from Fiona, there were two other fun guest stars this week. Both played supporting roles on probably the two best shows I’ve ever seen, and their parts varied from recurring to incredibly important based on the season. Justina Machado, who played Madeline’s friend from the clinic, starred as Vanessa, the wife of mortician Rico on “Six Feet Under,” and recently wrapped a stint as a cast member on CBS’ short-lived medical drama “Three Rivers.” Benito Martinez, who here portrayed the stubborn doctor at the clinic, was David Aceveda on “The Shield,” and besides this, he hasn’t done much in the past few years besides die in the premiere episode of the final season of “24.” Their roles here were fun, and I especially like Martinez’s cautious performance when the doctor had to time his bold speech with Michael and Fiona shooting up the drug dealer’s house.

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