Friday, July 9, 2010

What I’m Watching: Warehouse 13 (Season Premiere)

Warehouse 13: Season 2, Episode 1 “Time Will Tell” (C)

I seem to remember sticking with this show last summer because there was absolutely nothing else on television. I’ve been rifling through my archives to see if that’s the case, but it seems like there were a number of other shows on at the time. Now I definitely feel like I have enough on my plate, with the exception of this past week, of course, and by that I mean I don’t think I have any reason to watch this show. The first season wasn’t great, and the slow, messy smart to the second year doesn’t suggest that it will improve this season either. This show never really lived up to the potential created by the ending of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and I suspect it never will. This shape-shifting ring is very much like characters ripping off their faces in “Mission Impossible” and can become similarly problematic, leading to widespread confusion and lack of sense. The fact that Leena was tricked into shape-shifting into Claudia added a whole new layer of complicatedness to the whole mess. MacPherson really wasn’t much of a compelling villain at any point, and his rivalry with Artie has definitely seen better days. The introduction of a recurring nemesis for Pete and Myka could be appealing, though I’m not sure how much faith I have in this female H.G. Wells. Actress Jaime Murray spiced up the first half of the second season of “Dexter” as narcotics anonymous sponsor Lila, but her guest spot quickly took a turn for the awful when she turned out to be totally crazy. Ms. Wells is already out of her element, and she’s sure to go nuts sooner or later. There’s one thing that can’t be argued: CCH Pounder is pretty damn cool. I’ll be deliberating over the next week whether to tune in for episode two – there are so many premieres next week on A & E, TNT, and USA that I may just not be in need of one more thing to watch that just isn’t that good.

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