Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I’m Watching: Hung

Hung: Season 2, Episode 2 “Tucson is the Gateway to Dick” (B+)

In some respects, Ray is the worst prostitute in the world. In others, however, he’s the best, because he’s offers a service that most in his profession don’t. That service may be just as unwanted by some as it is coveted by others, and in this case, his refusal to stand back and let a woman abandon her marriage isn’t too helpful since his client wants anything but to reminded of her husband’s absence. Ray certainly isn’t prepared to sit back and let life happen to him, as evidenced by his meddling with his client, his rebuking of his neighbor’s offer of a bed, his personal payment for the sports transportation, and his efforts to get close to his wife again. The rapidly deteriorating date night made for a great segment, and seeing just how bad Ronnie was at bowling at the end of it helped make it a little less painful for Ray. Jessica calling Lenore after having Darby demand that she leave the gym protest reignites a seemingly dormant plotline from season one that could put her face-to-face with Ray as he’s working his side job. While Tanya is doing a decent job of undermining Lenore and proving her worth by having a heartfelt if awkward conversation with the potential client she scared away, she’s still failing in terms of throwing her success in Lenore’s face before it’s fully guaranteed. It’s a good thing that Tanya is endearing because it makes it much easier to love to hate the terrific character of Lenore.

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