Monday, July 26, 2010

What I’m Watching: Psych

Psych: Season 5, Episode 2 “Feet Don’t Kill Me Now” (B+)

If any show exists that is able to get away with one of its cops tap dancing right as a murderer is about to confess, it’s this show. The fact that Gus (and Dulé Hill, it appears) happens to be an excellent tap dancer certainly helps, though this show is also able to pull off having Lassie perform with the little kids at the end of the episode and make a startling realization about the identity of the West Side Rapist. What’s most fun about this episode is the wacky pairings it presents in Lassie and Gus and Shawn and Juliet, and they’re both equally entertaining. Gus’ surprise at being introduced by his real name and his pharmaceutical knowledge mixed with Lassie’s over-sharing about his divorce-related therapy worked great, and Shawn and Juliet were a lot of fun too. It’s especially strange that they went on a date afterwards considering just how immature Juliet thinks Shawn is. Henry’s success at punishing Shawn even when he’s doing something nice for him, as Shawn pointed out, was brilliant, and while it appears to signal less of the chief, having Henry in that position is working out positively. I was certainly impressed by the flirtatiousness of the lab tech who was revealed to have no authority, but I’m less taken by the guest spot by Lauren Lee Smith, who once had to be tested to determine her sexual orientation on “The L Word” when her chef character sent tennis player Dana food with no other clues about her intentions, as the ultimately-revealed killer. It’s not a part that needed to come alive, but I’ve enjoyed Smith’s parts in the past, and this one was less than memorable. Shawn's mistaken belief that it was 2008, however, had me chuckling for quite a while.

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