Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I’m Watching: Entourage

Entourage: Season 7, Episode 2 “Buzzed” (B+)

After struggling last year, it’s good to see a second consecutive good installment that gives every single character something to do. Not only that, but it brings back some entertaining recurring characters like Shauna, Lizzie, and Bob Saget. There’s also quite a startling ratio of real people playing themselves to actors playing fictional characters in this episode, featuring Saget, Nick Cassavetes, Jerry Jones, and Maria Menounos. Ari really hit the jackpot unintentionally in this episode, although of course constantly putting his work first and the tragic timing of his embrace with Lizzie will likely result in major trouble with Mrs. Ari. It’s great to see Lizzie being featured prominently, and it’s good that her character is so ambitious, especially because it gives Mrs. Ari exactly the right ammunition to fire at Ari after she catches them celebrating together, reminding him of the now departed Andrew. Drama engaging Eric in his never-ending search for a job is probably a good thing, since his unemployment could drag on and on otherwise. I have a sneaking feeling that Turtle’s involvement with Alex isn’t over considering the effort he’s going to in order to right his wrongs with her. The important thing that he needs to remember is that he still needs a good driver! Even if they come to an understanding or start dating, she has no idea how to get anywhere and, like Ari did after Emily, he should probably hire a male employee for that role. Vince’s haircut was certainly drastic, proving once again that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and his decision to go skydiving with Scott is definitely going to ruffle Eric’s feathers.

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