Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emmy Nominees: Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series

My predictions: 4/6, picking Peter Krause and Kiefer Sutherland over Chandler and Fox
Missing: Simon Baker, Timothy Olyphant, Peter Krause, Kiefer Sutherland

Four of the contenders were locks, and the other two were wild cards, and wild cards they are! The expected (and deserving) four – Bryan Cranston, Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm, and Hugh Laurie are joined by two lead actors from shows that have been on four and six years, respectively, rather than any freshman shows or departing series. Additionally, Simon Baker is gone after only one year on the list! I’m not a “Friday Night Lights” watcher, but I know that a number of people, including readers G1000 and Kevin, will be delighted about star Kyle Chandler’s inclusion here. It still seems strange to me that it would happen this year out of any, but I’m happy for those who are happy, and at some point I’ll go through and watch the show in its entirety. The sixth nominee is Matthew Fox, who helped guide “Lost” to its iffy but widely-viewed finale. This is a cool list that shows that voters are open to change every couple of years.

Who should win? Take your pick: Cranston, Hall, and Hamm were all terrific. While I’ve chosen Hall in the past and Hamm has usually been my runner-up, I think I’ll put my full support behind Cranston this time around.
Who will win? Cranston is still a frontrunner, but look for Hall to upset. I don’t think that either Chandler or Fox can pull off a win.


Greg Boyd said...

I'm positively thrilled about Chandler, but even more so by Britton finally being recognized. This may be the first time I can recall the Emmys getting something right.

Greg Boyd said...

Although I guess getting nominated for Best Dramatic Series was too much to hope for.