Friday, July 30, 2010

What I’m Watching: Hung

Hung: Season 2, Episode 4 “Sing It Again Ray or Home Plate” (B+)

I am absolutely loving the integration of the supporting characters in this season. Lenore, Damon, and Ronnie all had terrific showcases in this episode that emphasize that this show has truly great characters aside from its two main protagonists. I’m not sure I’ve appropriately commended Rebecca Creskoff, who has been front and center this season as Lenore and appears in a quick but fantastic scene at the beginning of this episode. While I suspect her business relationship with Ray and Tanya won’t persist in its current form forever, I doubt she’ll be exiting either of their lives anytime soon. Damon urinating on home plate at the start of the episode paved the way for two excellent lines and another great story arc that was launched at the end of this episode. Ray’s dismay over how he “pissed on America’s pastime” (and Tanya’s subsequent moving walkway pratfall) was great, and the way Damon said “I wasn’t pissing on you, Dad” was just great. I love the fact that Tanya and Damon are now bonding, though I worry that Tanya’s mention of Ray’s job and Damon’s “art” will alienate him at a time when she can’t professionally afford to be distanced from him because of Lenore’s craziness and domination in their business. Ronnie had a hilarious zany speech about oatmeal, and it was so memorable that I had a dream about trying to make the most delicious cinnamon oatmeal the night after I watched it. Ray’s client of the week and her obsession with him singing “Happy Birthday” to her in different ways was a lot of fun as a subplot too.

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