Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Take Three: Haven

Haven: Season 1, Episode 3 “Harmony” (C+)

That’s three for three now on a different family member/spouse possessing a power than originally thought. Even though it’s a commonly used device on crime dramas, it’s becoming increasingly tiresome here (especially when I’m tuning into another Syfy show, “Warehouse 13,” which often plays out exactly the same way). This is by far the least intriguing and engaging of the three installments of this show that have aired thus far. Perhaps it’s that the music plotline doesn’t exactly resound as much as it should. Additionally, having one of the main characters fall prey to the mysterious spell cast by the husband’s music is a dangerous line to cross. In this case, seeing him rant and rave about how great it must be to feel pain isn’t nearly as compelling as the show seems to think it is. While I haven’t yet warmed to Audrey or decided against her, I’ve never been terribly intrigued by Nathan as a character. Duke doesn’t really cut it either, and what happened to all of the other townsfolk? Shouldn’t they be around to answer Audrey’s question about her mother, instead of having the only person with any information sail off into the distance? I’m not sure this show is going to cut it, unless it brings in some serious reinforcements in terms of regular characters and original plotlines that don’t involve obvious familial twists. I didn’t want to just drop off and stop reviewing this show, but if next week doesn’t thrill, don’t be surprised if you don’t see a review.

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