Monday, July 12, 2010

The Top 25 Episodes of 2009-2010: #25-21

As a forerunner to the 4th Annual AFT Television Awards, my choices for the best of the most recent TV season which begin next week, here is a reader-requested run-through of the top 25 episodes of the 2009-2010 television season. Click on episode titles to read my original reviews of the episodes. Beware spoilers.

#25: “Keep This Party Going” (True Blood)

Season two really got started with this second installment, where all of the plotlines kicked into gear. Emphasis on couples and hilarious supporting characters like Eric and Lafayette was smart, and the most exciting thing was the development of two new characters. It was obvious that Maryann would be awesome after her brief appearance in season one, but Jessica proved to be much less of a distraction and far more of a boon for the show than initially anticipated.

#24: “Caballo Sin Nombre” (Breaking Bad)

An amazing season of the most intense show on television showed just how serious things had become with Walt’s attempt to minimize the tragedy of the plane crash and Jesse’s efforts to buy his parents’ house from the with the help of one duplicitous Saul. What really made this episode incredible was the fact that the two assassins were actually in Walt’s house, about to cut him apart, only to be called away by the all-powerful Gus of all people. This was only a taste of how volatile things would get on this show, but a marvelously effective and chilling one.

#23: “Fears” (Modern Family)

This midseason episode of ABC’s new comedy highlighted some great storylines, particularly Cameron and Mitchell freaking out after they thought Lily called the female pediatrician Mommy. Manny’s fear of roller coasters and everyone’s fear of Haley on the road made this episode title so simply appropriate. Claire trying to get Alex to go to her school dance was an extremely funny subplot.

#22: “Wish You Were Here” (Californication)

The season premiere proved that season three was going to be much stronger than season two, introducing not one but four fantastic new characters (look for most of them to pop in the AFT guest categories). Hank had two new women – Felicia and Jill – to flirt with, a man for Hank to with, and Charlie had his hands full with Sue Collini. The dinner party was crazy, but the establishment of Hank without Karen was perhaps the episode’s most important and lasting accomplishment.

#21: “I’ll Fly Away” (Treme)

Season one was brought to a heart-wrenching close with a farewell to two of the first year’s casualties, one who was seen on screen and made quite an impression and the other whose absence was felt throughout the whole series. What really cemented this episode as extraordinary was the devastating flashback to Hurricane Katrina and the chance to see all of our treasured characters before the flood.

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Fabio Nascimento said...

Loved 'Caballo Sin Nombre' and 'Fears' (even though it's not one my favorites from MF). I'm not a big fan of True Blood's season two but I do agree about the premiere (very good). I didn't watch neither Californication or Treme, so can't comment on those.