Friday, July 2, 2010

What I’m Watching: Entourage (Season Premiere)

Entourage: Season 7, Episode 1 “Stunted” (B+)

After an uneven past couple of seasons, I’m not ready to say that this show has returned to form, but things are definitely off to a good start. The most reassuring aspect of the premiere is that Vince actually has something to do instead of just hanging around meeting women and chilling with his friends. He’s had problems on set before, but not quite like this. His desire to be a team player and do the stunts even when he really wasn’t sure he was up for it worked well, and his need to do them after realizing his friends had no faith in him was particularly intriguing. While I don’t buy his apparent confidence at the end of the episode following his big crash, it’s nice to see Vince putting on a face for his friends and trying to impress them. Seeing how both Eric and Ari got involved was amusing as well, and it was great that Nick Cassavetes went so far as to get revenge on Ari for interfering in his project. Ari’s promise of making up for his absences by taking his wife away for a romantic weekend seemed genuine, but it’s no surprise that he couldn’t follow up on them since he had yet another commitment he deemed more important than his family. Turtle’s decision to make a move on his poorly-performing employee was truly embarrassing, and hopefully this won’t be a season of letdowns for any of the members of the entourage. Things aren’t looking good for Drama, though, but I’m very eager to see him try, with Lloyd’s help, to resurrect his long-dead career.

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