Sunday, July 28, 2013

Take Three: The Bridge

The Bridge: Season 1, Episode 3 “Rio” (B+)

This episode gives us a much better picture of Charlotte, who gets brought back into the main storyline after we see her treated like a pariah at her husband’s funeral when the killer names her late husband as one of the men to split the ransom. Marco’s visit to Charlotte’s home was particularly interesting, and their kiss was an enormous and disarming surprise, especially considering how much we saw of his family throughout the episode. Marco’s son’s reaction to Sonya was hilariously awkward, while his wife was predictably adamant about the attractiveness of his colleague. No one could be more awkward than Sonya, of course, evidenced most by her unsubtle proclamation to her one-night stand that they couldn’t have sex while she was at work. Sonya and Marco’s dynamic is the best thing this show has going for it, with great moments in this episode like Sonya not letting Marco break into the trailer because it’s illegal, Sonya calling him out on sighing a lot and him replying that it’s because she reported him for letting the ambulance pass, and Sonya not comprehending why someone would get flowers for someone else or give someone credit when they weren’t involved in purchasing them. Daniel’s visit to Juarez was rather intense, followed by an amusing and less stressful stay at Adriana’s home with her flirtatious female relatives. While the investigation continues, the killer seems to have his own sinister plans for poor Maria, who is likely to die in the scorching sun while all of El Paso watches live.

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