Monday, July 8, 2013

What I’m Watching: Life’s Too Short (Series Finale)

Life’s Too Short: Season 1, Episode 8 “Episode 8”

This is a bit of an unceremonious sendoff for this show, which aired just seven episodes last year before returning with this one-hour special. The previous two series from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant both got two short seasons plus a super-sized special, but I suppose this will have to do. What’s strange about this welcome return is that its first three-quarters are relatively slow-paced and relaxed, and then its final quarter is rushed and takes everything back apart again. For Warwick to have a happy ending was never in the cards, and instead it’s much more appropriate that he be comforted at home by the kindhearted and loving Amy, who actually makes him happy, and that he decide to give up on his dreams because there was never much hope anyway. His friends and clients from Dwarves for Hire expressing that they need to have something to believe in, even if he’s going to ultimately fail, was great, and I love that they concluded that they couldn’t even afford a celebratory drink but were still joyful anyway. Val Kilmer’s self-portrayal was rather miserable, and his Batman costume stunt was on par with some of the more horrifyingly awkward moments on this show. It was endearing to watch Warwick’s crudely-assembled trio come alive, and to see the audience actually embrace their show. Most of the highlights of this episode, which was mostly satisfying, came from the eternally clueless Cheryl, so brilliantly portrayed by Rosamund Hanson. I may not remember this show in a few years, but it was relatively fun while it lasted.

Series finale: B
Series grade: B+
Series MVP: Warwick Davis and Rosamund Hanson
Best Episode: Episode 3

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