Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice

Burn Notice: Season 7, Episode 6 “All or Nothing” (B+)

This episode’s final moments confirm what this entire episode was all about, which is that Michael is finally moving on from his relationship with Fiona and getting in over his head in something that, for once, he’s not fully controlling. That’s not to suggest that Michael hasn’t been led astray by people he both trusted and cared about in the past, but rather that he never lets his guard down and allows himself to fall for someone other than Fiona. Sonya is very much like Michael in a lot of ways, and Michael has never offered a more significant word of wisdom, which is that it’s hard sometimes to know why you’re doing something, as in his feelings for Sonya aren’t entirely manufactured. Prior to that moment of passion at the end of the episode, Michael and Fiona were on fire together, having a blast pretending to be hackers and then experiencing a life-and-death situation while casually climbing down from the roof. Guest-starring in this hour as the man in charge was the charismatic Charles Mesure, who was on “V” and also appeared on “Desperate Housewives.” Sam and Jesse did a great job helping Barry track down his ex-girlfriend as payment for his help, even if what they found was rather disheartening. It’s good that the show continues to incorporate its most frequent guests from years past, and I hope we see at least a few other familiar faces before the show signs off for good in just seven short weeks.

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