Friday, July 12, 2013

What I’m Watching: Longmire

Longmire: Season 2, Episode 7 “Sound and Fury” (B+)

This was a fun and compelling episode, thanks to an unusual spotlight and a few familiar guest stars. Henry hasn’t had much to do on the show so far other than to act as Walt’s one true friend and confidante. Because of that, it’s great to see him step up and take on a bigger role in this episode. Not everyone would overhear an unmistakable conversation between one man trying to hire the other man to kill his wife and insert himself purposely into the situation, even offering to kill the wife when the first guy said no. Henry getting a personal call from Deena while his phone was being tapped was entertaining, and I enjoyed his comment about hotness in response to Cady’s description of one of the suspects. His intellectual sparring with the killer at the end of the episode was great, and Lou Diamond Phillips does a terrific job of keeping Henry extremely literal. On the guest star front, we had Rhys Coiro from “Entourage,” who also recently appeared on “Dexter” as the ill-fated Bill, Lee Tergesen from “Red Widow” and “Desperate Housewives,” among other things, as Vic’s suspicious former cop friend Ed, and Andrea Roth of “Rescue Me” as the flirtatious, duplicitous, and rather irritating Diane. Vic thinking that Ed might be the hitman was an interesting twist, and their run-in was foreboding of something more sinister and worrisome to come. Branch and Cady’s accidental phone call was cut short by Walt, but I suspect that romance isn’t quite dead and buried just yet.

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