Friday, July 19, 2013

What I'm Watching: True Blood

True Blood: Season 6, Episode 5 "Fuck the Pain Away" (B+)

Things are not looking good for any of our protagonists, and I suspect they're only going to get worse as the season continues. It did not take very long for the vampires Bill saw being burned in his premonition to end up incarcerated together in the very facility where that vision took place. The experiments being conducted on the vampires are much more gruesome than just about anything that we've seen the vampires do to the humans. The most captivating part of the entire facility was Pruitt Taylor Vince's therapist and the way in which he baited Pam into answering his questions honestly by offering her a human to feed on. There's something completely unique about Pam and the way that she just doesn't care about anything or anyone at all, except, of course, Eric. Sarah was especially cunning in pitting Eric and Pam against each other in a battle to the death for the Governor to watch, and it's not going to end well, even if both of them survive. Sarah was quite blunt about her desire to engage in sinful relations with Jason, and having Jess show up was about the worst thing that could have happened for the poor bloodthirsty vampire. Willa's cold welcome at the facility doesn't foreshadow a bright future for her either. Conversely, it looks like everything that Sookie thought about Warlow and her parents wasn't quite true, and Lafayette channeling her father hasn't left her in a very good place at all. Obviously the show's primary protagonist can't die, but watching her about to be drowned isn't exactly promising.

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