Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What I’m Watching: True Blood

True Blood: Season 6, Episode 4 “At Last” (B+)

Things are all-around not looking good in Bon Temps at the moment. The most crucial revelation, of course, is that Ben is both a fairy and a vampire. Worse than that, he’s Warlow. It’s troubling enough to think that he’s a vampire with the ability to walk during the day, but I think it’s equally worrisome that he seems intent on playing games with the Stackhouse family, trapping Niall in a wormhole and coming over to seduce Sookie. I’m curious to see what happens next since he doesn’t seem nearly as villainous at the moment as some of our former heroes, namely the other vampires and werewolves. Bill hatching a plan to kidnap Andy’s conveniently-grown fairy daughters was conniving but rather innocent since he doesn’t seem bent on unnecessary human death, and it’s a shame that Jessica was the one who lost control when she got angry and smelled them, feeding on them and killing them all in the process. Once again, Andy may actually be one of the smarter people in town, and I doubt he’s going to let Bill off the hook so easily. It didn’t take long for Eric to find Willa, and turning her to get her father to ease up was a brutal move, especially considering how devastated she was when she learned his reasons for doing so. Sarah Newlin being the Governor’s new partner is certainly a twist, and bad news for poor Willa. The werewolves really are running rampant, and Sam getting intimate with Nicole is likely to distract him rather than help them getting away clean.

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