Friday, July 19, 2013

Take Three: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 1, Episode 3 "Twerk" (B+)

one of the reasons I like this show is the way that it commits to making its more minor characters undeniably interesting. Lena hasn't quite gotten there yet (she's close), but Avi, Terry, and Ezra definitely fit that bill. Avi has exactly the right disposition for a henchman, and the way that Steven Bauer is shot and featured in scenes is just terrific. I was thrilled to see Eddie Marsan cast in this show even if it's not his typical role, and watching Terry awkwardly ask out Frances was absolutely fantastic. Brooke Smith is a perfect choice to play Frances, and I loved how Terry asked her out and the smile that lit up his face after she said yes. And Ezra, constantly invoking his Yiddish and freaking out about something, is a riot. Then there's Abby, the unquestionable standout of this hour, who donated Ray's clothes to charity only to pick them up and leave a formidable cash donation in exchange for her seller's remorse. She's truly a formidable fit for Ray. The title character is also rather remarkable, storming into his neighbor's house to unplug his speakers and ending up with a client in the process, one who might feel his wrath if he ever learns what he's asking Ray's daughter to send him. Mickey accompanying Bunchy to his support group meeting was predictably unfortunate, but it was a nice showcase for Jon Voight to demonstrate that he's superb in this role and well-suited for a supporting television part.

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