Thursday, September 15, 2016

Emmy Winner Predictions: Best Writing for a Drama Series

As I’ve done the past few years, I’m excited to present a detailed look at the Emmy race in each category with a spotlight on every episode submitted for consideration to voters. Click on episode titles to read reviews and offer your thoughts in the comments!

Persona Non Grata (The Americans)
Episode 8 (Downton Abbey)
Battle of the Bastards (Game of Thrones)
End (The Good Wife) (Mr. Robot)
Return (UnREAL)

What we have here is the season finale of “The Americans,” the penultimate episodes of “Downton Abbey” (the series) and “Game of Thrones” (this season), the series finale of “The Good Wife,” and the pilots of “Mr. Robot” and “UnREAL.” They’re certainly all engaging episodes with plenty of meaty development, and the question will be how involved viewers want to be in the storylines. It’s very possible that any of these could win, whether it’s a farewell to “Downton Abbey” or “The Good Wife” or a recognition that “The Americans” is now an Emmy-beloved show. “UnREAL” winning would be a major boon for Lifetime, but I suspect it’s USA that’s going to be celebrating on Emmy night.

What should win: Mr. Robot
What will win: I’m placing my bets on the deserving winner, Mr. Robot.

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