Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan (Season Finale)

Ray Donovan: Season 4, Episode 12 “Rattus Rattus” (B+)

I would have expected a slightly louder and more climactic finish to this season, but I guess a bunch of Russians did get beaten to death and shot, and the character we thought was going to bring Ray down was quietly murdered off screen. What makes Ray a great fixer is that he is discreet in the way he handles things, which doesn’t prevent him from walking up to someone and punching them in broad daylight, but it does enable him to operate behind the scenes in a way that’s designed not to make headlines. Even his handover of all the drugs to the detestable Frank was down in a dimly lit building away from public attention. I do worry that, as Abby expressed, that Ray saying things are over isn’t nearly as finite as it’s supposed to be. Her overhearing Ray being very honest with his brother about what happened with Marisol and Hector could have been earth-shattering and truly destructive, but she’s seen and heard enough of it before, and now it’s just about her recovery. It’s really something to see Bridget tell her parents that she got into NYU and board a flight for New York the same night. Watching Ray as a nervous parent reminding her multiple times of the plan was endearing and considerably lighter than most of what we see with him. This finale didn’t address certain elements or offer concrete resolutions for Bunchy, Teresa, or Mickey, while giving Terry a platform to speak his mind and Daryll another shot to prove himself. It’s been a great season, as always, and I’m eagerly anticipating season five and beyond.

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