Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 2, Episode 10 “Take the Shot” (B+)

That closing image of the Android waking up in a bed somewhere off the ship at the end of the last episode was hardly the most worrisome development in this hour. The fact that the Android was dreaming, which shouldn’t be happening, is definitely cause for concern, but the more important takeaway is that her subconscious mind showed her a news broadcast of the Raza crew fighting for their lives, prompting her to make the decision to wake up and save her friends. The hallucinations that Two, Three, and Four experienced were pretty frightening, and though Two was terrified and Four felt like he had been mortally wounded, Three’s was inarguably the worst since he actually pulled the trigger with a gun to his head so that he could be reunited with his lost love. The secondary Android was an intense villain since she displayed no emotion and made some good points, and her insistence that they “take the shot” was particularly chilling. I’m glad that they all value the Android as a member of their team since she’s obviously evolved enough to be a tremendous resource when they need her. Six has returned himself to the status of being a respected member of the crew, and Five now seems like the odd one out, always emphasizing emotion over anything else. Two continues to be a reliable leader for them, and the respect that she commands is a positive thing for the crew since they are sure to face many battles and obstacles in the near future.

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