Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Round Two: Fleabag

Fleabag: Season 1, Episode 2 (B+)

I’m definitely a fan of this show, and I’m happy to know that it might have a bright future since Amazon was clearly interested enough to bring it over from the United Kingdom for American audiences. It’s not too surprising to learn that Fleabag times breakups with Harry around when the house needs to be cleaned, well aware that he can’t resist the opportunity to tidy up after himself when he’s in distress. Wanting to masturbate without him even being involved isn’t terribly kind, and seeing him take the last little piece of himself wasn’t inspiring. Her description of sex as something she can’t stop thinking about, more the notion of being with someone than the act, was interesting, and speaks to her generally wanting to entertain herself. I enjoyed her reaction to her father walking in after she said that she’d have sex with the next man who walked through the door: “Not ideal.” Running out to buy organic food when eager young customers asked if she had it was a puzzling and definitely sordid move, but the guinea pig managed to scare them away before they ate. I was surprised to see Brett Gelman from “Married” as Martin, who Fleabag has apparently repeatedly accused of watching a certain type of porn when he definitely wasn’t. Her dead friend appearing in many flashbacks adds a more serious, melancholy dimension to the show, and the drama kicks in when the first thing that Fleabag does when she sees signs of a romantic dinner is bolts and then tries to scare the hell out of Harry as a punishment for thinking to try to be kind.

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