Thursday, September 29, 2016

What I’m Watching: Quantico (Season Premiere)

Quantico: Season 2, Episode 1 “Kudove” (F)

This is a show that I didn’t love too much from the start and that I kept watching for the entirety of the first season because my wife enjoyed it much more than I did. I’ve officially decided after this abysmal opener that this is the last episode of this show that I’ll watch. It’s no longer fun to trash the show, and I think I could be spending time watching much better shows. I’m disappointed to see that this is essentially the same thing as season one, filling in the gap of the year and what happened to go from things being fine to the next major terror attack. The show’s “Quan2co” image was mildly clever but that was about it, and it’s frustrating to see yet another dorm training situation where, in this case, the head honchos at both the CIA and FBI academies are well aware that every operative is suspect. What these agencies are doing to breed terrorists in their own midst is beyond me, and you’d think their energies would be better spent on counterprogramming rather than enlisting deception artists. Ranking the recruits feels especially silly, and this index card exercise seems like a preposterous way to train people, even more so than the time stamped post-its they all received. I knew right away that Alex’s attacker would be someone she trained with, and it makes absolutely no sense that the terrorists would pretend to be foreign when they’re actually domestic agents. Ending the episode with the First Lady about to be executed with a machete on live television after the President complied with the demands is too over-the-top to even address. This show seems desperate to be relevant, and if it hadn’t already jumped the shark twenty times in season one, this really did it.

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