Friday, September 2, 2016

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 4, Episode 10 “Lake Hollywood” (B+)

So it turns out that Dmitri doesn’t have a Russian accent after all, and that almost makes him more threatening since his English is perfect and he knows exactly what he’s saying. Ray already tried multiple avenues to combat him, starting with stealing all the artwork and then blackmailing Jacob to see if he could get things done. That didn’t work out well for the late hapless lawyer, and now Ray seems inspired by his handling of the Marisol situation to completely pay back all his debts and ensure a healthy future for him where he and his family don’t have to look over their shoulders anymore. Teresa’s return to her baby was hardly a celebratory event filled with love, and Abby wasn’t having any of Teresa’s lack of eagerness to take back over the job of being her mother. Teresa’s expression of fear about being in danger with Ray and Mickey close by is legitimate, and someone innocent is almost certain to get hurt before this is all resolved. I’m worry that’s going to be Avi, who we didn’t even see after Dmitri had his fun humiliating famous actor Butch Kramer for his derogatory films about the Russian people. Hector killing his sister was pretty brutal, and Terry stepped in to help as a liaison to Ray. It’s clear that it shook him a lot, and fortunately he’s proceeding forward in a positive way with his new cop friend. Abby and Mickey’s conversation about songs about slitting your throat was a surprisingly intimate moment, especially for those two.

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