Sunday, September 11, 2016

What I’m Watching: You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst: Season 3, Episode 2 “Fix Me, Dummy” (B+)

This season is off to a great start, with another superb installment that’s fully comedy-focused yet still manages to address the fact that Gretchen has a lot of issues. Her failure to do the one chore she was assigned – opening the mail – is hardly a surprise given the work ethic that she employs in all areas other life. Seeing her in therapy, challenging her therapist at every occasion, was fantastic. I was thrilled to see Samara Wiley, best known as Poussey from “Orange is the New Black,” as her therapist who had a personality of her own, regrettably allowing Gretchen to say anything she wants to in the session and then telling Gretchen she did sort of feel like fighting her. Bringing up her own problems with her boyfriend made her a more entertaining character in her own right, but I like that she was still just a backdrop for Gretchen, who finally did work up the courage to open the mail, only to find a letter with Jimmy’s dad’s obituary in it. Hiding that fact from him is going to eat at her since he’s so preoccupied with the next stage of his book. He pretended not to want anyone’s notes, especially Edgar’s, but they made him think that maybe he needs to go back and start all over again, which is hardly a productive plan. I like that Edgar got so wrapped up in his improv background trying to help the homeless people with their signs, and that he was able to come back down to earth to help Dorothy move in first. Lindsay dressed as a nurse tending to Paul’s injury was a strange sight, and naturally she’s so disconnected from reality that she just wants absolution for stabbing him even though she seems to be aware that she did it purposely, something that even the horrors that are Jimmy and Gretchen can’t seem to forgive.

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