Sunday, December 4, 2016

Round Two: Good Behavior

Good Behavior: Season 1, Episode 3 “From Terrible Me” (B+)

I’m struck by just how plot-driven this show is, since it feels much more like something that might air on a premium cable channel. Every event and development in this hour relied on something that happened earlier, and it’s still hard to tell how this show is going to ultimately look on a weekly basis since it hasn’t established any sense of normalcy just yet. Instead, they’re driving around with a body in their trunk trying to get rid of it, and nothing else can happen, including Letty checking in with her parole officer so many miles away, until they resolve that issue. The minutiae, like the electric car they took losing its charge and gas stations along the way not having working charging ports, are taking over, and it’s causing plenty of stress between our two criminals. I love some of the conversations that happened in this episode, particularly Javier revealing that he used to watch movies about criminals getting caught and that’s why he made a friend who runs a funeral home. After Letty leaned over Javier while placing her fish fry order, she made a few smart split decisions, like faking pregnancy problems to get out of the fender bender delay and bringing a gun when she got a ride into town from a random passing stranger. Finding out that Christian used to be a professor who got caught buying drugs from a student is interesting, and his loyalty to Letty is impressive given just how much scrutiny he’s under from his obnoxious boss.

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