Sunday, December 4, 2016

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 1, Episode 8 “Pilgrim Rick” (B-)

Given that this show airs on network television, it makes sense that it would feature a Thanksgiving episode. This framework actually worked a little bit better for this show’s format, with the young family experiencing a disaster of a Thanksgiving resulting in a stay at a random motel and then a different kind of crisis at a more standard sit-down meal in the present. Hearing just how much the kids hate Rebecca’s parents didn’t tee it up to be a great holiday, but having a tire blow out was a considerably bigger issue. It was sweet to hear Randall say that he wanted to replicate this kind of Thanksgiving going forward, and then to see it play out decades later when he woke up early and excitedly prepared for a meal in only the way that his unique energy could. Kevin inviting Olivia to come with him was initially poorly received when she speculated about his “whitebread family” and it only improved once she got a reality check from William while waiting for her Uber, a concept William somehow has never heard of. With Olivia there, Kevin was able to grow up a little and extend a hand of friendship to his stepfather. After putting the brakes on her relationship with Toby, which I hope will be temporary given that they are a good fit, Kate had a turbulence-inspired epiphany that may not end up being the solution to all her problems. Everything paled in comparison to Randall going to William’s apartment and finding a note that revealed exactly what Beth knew to be true and shattered his relationship with both of his living parents in a way that’s going to be nearly impossible to repair.