Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What I’m Watching: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 2, Episode 8 “Thelma and Louise” (B-)

Dean’s stupidity makes me so angry, and I really wish that Rio had just killed him at the start of the season. Everything he does always manages to cause Beth more headaches, and in this case she didn’t even manage to get all of the stolen money back because Ruby’s lie about her being the mother of one of the thieves didn’t hold up when his girlfriend found one of the pictures. The fact that Dean now took the kids gives him a power that he shouldn’t have, and if he thinks he’s doing it so that they’ll be safer, he’ll soon discover both how completely incompetent he really is as a parent and how far she’ll go to get her children back. Sadie coming out as transgender to Annie went incredibly smoothly, much more so than anything else Annie has ever experienced as a parent. Stan failing his lie detector test was unfortunate, and Ruby’s decision to choose Beth and give Agent Turner a different address will surely backfire, even if we understand the closeness of their relationship thanks to the flashbacks to their early days of friendship. After Annie hopped into the pool and sat in Nancy’s juices to help her express some rage at her and give birth, she found the new boyfriend she had told to stay still waiting there for her, which suggested that maybe the relationship would last. I’m impressed that this show at least had a solid surprise waiting with the revelation that Noah is actually Agent Turner’s partner, working Annie in a way that she’s never going to suspect.

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