Thursday, April 2, 2020

What I’m Watching: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 2, Episode 3 “Idiot Inside” (B+)

This was definitely another outrageous episode, but I’m embracing it. We didn’t see Dawn, Blair, or any hint of New York at all, but there was plenty of entertainment to be found down in Florida. The opening with Mo smashing into the garage door while playing with the sons of his friend from prison, and it’s impressive to see just how much he cares when something actually matters to him. That said, Sharon could tell when he came to say goodbye even though he claimed he wasn’t going anywhere, and she was evidently disappointed that he was about to disappear after being such a positive and influence for the kids he was now going to abandon. His plan to get Keith out of his mess and get himself back in business somehow managed to work, even if a lot of people got killed and it all ended up in chaos. On any other show, that woman with the change wouldn’t have gotten it from stealing from wish fountains, and the little girl who took her two nickels wouldn’t have her face on a milk carton. But here, where a cocaine-addicted bank manager nicknamed Jewdini casually tries to one-up the mob when Mo had managed to get them to agree to take $200,000 less than Keith owed them, the endgame is never peace and tranquility. The man with a hood made to seem like a robber was only trying to propose to his girlfriend, but her scream was enough to prompt the wild and deadly events that ensued.

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