Friday, April 3, 2020

What I’m Watching: Miracle Workers: Dark Ages

Miracle Workers: Dark Ages: Season 2, Episode 9 “Moving Out: Part One” (B)

It was strange to see our two main characters not interact at all in this episode, especially after they experienced such an unfortunate and awkward split in the face of unspoken affection in the previous episode. There hasn’t been nearly as much of a focus on Eddie as the season has gone on, and we’ve barely seen him at work. Instead, he was trying to be all fancy, enlisting the help of his dimwitted son to convince Al that she shouldn’t leave for the intellectual haven of Paris because she could find all the culture she needed right at home. I’m not sure where Lower Mercford is supposed to be, but based on the accents, it’s unlikely that Paris could indeed be reached by wagon. Al’s romance imploded quite speedily when she ran back to save her family, and now she’ll likely turn to the prince for help, though in this case he’s actually on the side of the peasants because they’re part of his kingdom that now finds itself under siege. His arranged marriage wasn’t all that bad since they had a good amount in common, and he was certain that he didn’t have the plague (naturally, the wealthy get screened regularly, a potent analogy to the real-life pandemic and discretionary access to testing for those with means). She did understand when he said that he couldn’t marry her, but the urgency with which she called her soldiers to battle to slaughter everyone in the kingdom was a bit dramatic. We’ll see how it all shapes up in the finale.

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