Wednesday, April 1, 2020

What I’m Watching: Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Season 1, Episode 7 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Confession” (B)

I unfortunately had Max’s real song number spoiled by for me by a clip I saw posted somewhere online that noted that it wasn’t just in Zoey’s head, though I’d like to note that, as affable as Skylar Astin is, he isn’t all that great at conveying a range of emotions. He also seems like he’s pretty happy and excited, and his big confession didn’t feel all that dramatic since he acted about the same as he usually does. He was unexpectedly upset when Zoey told him about her powers, and when she managed to convinced him she was telling the truth, he was even angrier because it meant that she knew how he felt. Simon managed to be even more awkward about things, still casually getting in Zoey’s face to talk to her about something as if they didn’t need to address the enormous elephant in the room. Mo’s new romance is going considerably better, even if it wasn’t certain that they both felt the same way about each other at the start. It was probably expected that Joan and Leif would end up developing a romantic relationship, but I’m not sure it was necessary. Partnering on their new venture while leaving Zoey and Tobin out of it would have been sufficient as a storyline, but this show doesn’t seem to have a great handle on how to deal with some of its characters. I knew that the first caregiver wouldn’t work out if only because I recognized actor Zak Orth from his role on “Casual.” He seems like a good fit for Mitch, and even puts spinach into chocolate milkshakes!

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