Friday, July 10, 2020

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol: Season 2, Episode 5 “Finger Patrol” (B+)

This show isn’t consistent in its weirdness, and I like when it does strange things for the first time. Vic’s father wasn’t open to the idea of rebuilding Cliff since he thought that the Chief was a criminal who had committed manslaughter, and even though he was disappointed, Cliff was still excited about the notion of teaming up with his pal Vic, commending him opening up about in fact having a penis and imagining an old-fashioned TV show intro for “Cliff and Stone.” When there was actual crime happening in his vicinity, Cliff froze before literally having his arm freeze, and he seemed more curious about the possibilities of keeping the finger he accidentally removed from the criminal’s finger than feeling bad about it after an initial apology. Vic may just have gotten another chance with Roni, and it would be great to see her become a more regular part of this show. After an unsuccessful audition for a part she ended up getting anyway, Rita really was a friend to Larry, though she was only able to save his great-grandson, not his grandson, when Paul revealed his true colors and tried to get Larry taken away. Knowing that his remaining family hates him will likely hurt more than whatever torture he would have endured had he not been able to evade capture. Baby Doll was irritating enough to bother the usually happy-go-lucky Dorothy, but when she got mean and threatened Dorothy with fire after locking her into a tight space, things got really bad. Dorothy’s wishes are indeed destructive, and Jane isn’t going to soon recover from the permanent loss of several of her personalities, if that’s even where the destruction ends.

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