Tuesday, July 7, 2020

What I’m Watching: Homecoming (Season Finale)

Homecoming: Season 2, Episode 7 “Again” (B)

I suppose this was an interesting ending, though it’s also hard to believe that it could happen like this. Theoretically, Leonard, as head of his own company, would have been able to help Walter get on the catering crew, and all they did was wipe everyone’s memories to make sure that they couldn’t use this on innocent people. There’s no way to know that there aren’t adverse effects, and though both Alex and Walter operate like normal people and he still knows who he is, it’s likely that it does impact the brain in some traumatic and permanent way. That said, Leonard was angry enough that, after he was told what was happening, it was going to be continued in a much larger-scale way, and he would consider anyone involved, particularly Audrey, complicit enough to deserve having their identities wiped. It’s strange then to see Alex portrayed as the last woman standing, somehow better than those who weren’t aware of the negative things that Geist was doing even though she caused all this by making sure Walter knew that there was a reason he wasn’t able to get the information he needed. Her job was also rather predatory, so she shouldn’t be seen as some sort of hero because her earlier mind wipe made her able to resist this one. Leonard did get to execute some revenge on Bunda, who wasn’t terribly sympathetic but did express her awareness that she wouldn’t be able to give her daughter away at her impending wedding. I don’t know where this show goes from here since Walter tracking down every other member of Homecoming wouldn’t be a terribly interesting narrative. There’s something to this show, but I don’t think this second season found the right focus. The actual story is far more enlivening and intriguing than the way in which it was presented.

Season grade: B-
Season MVP: Hong Chau as Audrey and Chris Cooper as Leonard

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