Wednesday, July 8, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Politician

The Politician: Season 2, Episode 4 “Hail Mary” (B+)

The notion of a 91% approval rating for a politician is unfathomable in our current polarized climate, and I love that Georgina’s response was to go after the nine percent who for some reason found her objectionable. This show’s characters always have tricks up their sleeves that their opponents don’t see coming, and I appreciated that one of those was for us viewers, in the form of Tino’s comatose wife waking up and revealing to the American public that her husband had constantly whispered in her ear that she should just hurry up and die. While that was the one thing that could hurt Georgina’s popularity, she was smart to jettison him from anything related to her, leaving him instead to go back to another possible running mate who might instead be able to save his campaign. Hadassah wasn’t pleased to find Payton at the restaurant when she was expecting William, and, in turn, William was devastated to learn that he had so quickly been replaced by Dede and Marcus in the thruple. It turns out that Payton is the one who has to face more consequences from his own thruple, with not one but two women pregnant with his child at the same time. Alice telling him was typically dry and matter-of-fact, with a whole plan laid out that a baffled Payton was apparently going to have to follow, while Astrid was far more confrontational since she knew that, as the other woman, she’ll need to fight for Payton’s attention. All I know is that James is not going to be happy that he didn’t know about this first.

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