Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What I’m Watching: Stargirl

Stargirl: Season 1, Episode 7 “Shiv Part One” (B)

We haven’t seen much of Cindy aside from some truly vicious and rude behavior, and now we get a sense of why she’s so terrible. The other members of the ISA seem to want their children to be kept out of the injustice business and aren’t aware of their villainous secret identities, and though Cindy’s father also wants her not to have anything to do with it, she’s well aware of who he is. Cindy did seem very into the science experiment that found her partnered with Courtney, and I never bought that she actually wanted to spend time with her new friend during the dance. She reacted very badly to Courtney telling her that she wanted to reschedule their plans, though now Courtney is going to be hanging out with another child of one of the JSA’s top enemies. Cindy was more than happy to put on a costume and go head-to-head with Courtney, and while we know that she won’t die because she’s the star of the show, she did take a beating and it’s not going to be easy to recover. She demonstrated her lack of interest in teamwork by showing off when Pat set up imitation ISA obstacles, and she would have been in better shape to take on an enemy with her team by her side. I like that the typically comical Mike made his feelings about Courtney’s newfound closeness with her dad known, and I hope that he’ll soon be brought in to everything, though I imagine he’ll discover it on his own first. I’m intrigued to see what happens with Barbara’s overnight work trip and whether she gets clued in to Jordan’s true nature.

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