Thursday, July 9, 2020

What I’m Watching: Stargirl

Stargirl: Season 1, Episode 8 “Shiv Part Two” (B)

Things progressed in a big way in this episode, and, as if this town in Nebraska wasn’t small enough already, it’s going to get much smaller once everyone’s secret identity is out in the open. Cindy coming by to see Courtney and apologize to her was definitely a surprise, and Courtney seemed completely shocked by her acting very nice. I was intrigued to see where that might go, but Cindy didn’t want to leave the mystery in the air and instead complimented Stargirl’s staff as she was walking out. Saying that she wouldn’t tell anyone so her dad would feel that she was still useful suggested a longer game of cat-and-mouse, but the simultaneous efforts of Courtney’s teammates quickly made that irrelevant. Those goggles are indeed useful, and fortunately Beth made it out of the basement without encountering anything too harrowing and was spirited out of Cindy’s room right before she walked in. Henry’s powers activated at just the right time for him to be able to hear what was really going on in both Cindy and Courtney’s heads, and with Cindy dragged underground now after Henry read the letter from her father about her being tasked to watch him, he’ll hopefully go to Courtney for some much-needed answers so he can choose his side. I hadn’t considered that Pat’s cover story would get him into hot water with Barbara since it means that she got into an accident when he let her drive without being ready. There are still five episodes left in this season, but this show has been officially renewed for a second season, which will air exclusively on CW, not on DC Universe. I think that’s an expected and logical move, and I’m hoping I feel excited about watching it.

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