Friday, March 12, 2021

Round Two: Genera+ion

Genera+ion: Season 1, Episode 2 “Dickscovery” (B+)

This second outing didn’t disappoint, trapping all of the characters – or at least most of them – together in a classroom so that they could bond a little bit and let their best and worst traits show. The relationship that’s developing between Chester and Sam is definitely way too intimate, and Sam pretending that his family was Chechnyan to elicit backpedaling from him was just one indication that he feels he can take a more hands-on approach to relating to students that’s surely going to get him in trouble. I couldn’t figure out where I knew Sam from, and it turns out that actor Nathan Stewart-Jarrett played Tony in “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and starred in a memorable episode of “Soulmates” opposite Bill Skarsgard. The rest of the characters seem to have worked their way into tricky situations, though for the moment Arianna has actually avoided any controversy despite her uproarious statements that she continues to qualify as inoffensive because of her two gay dads. Riley seems very open to a friendship at the very least with Greta, and she didn’t dwell at all on the embarrassing series of text missteps Greta fired off earlier that morning. Nathan may have appeased Naomi by deleting the hickey picture of her, but that birthmark on the penis that her boyfriend sent him a picture of seems to have gotten them both into plenty of trouble. It’s not quite as dramatic as, say, having a baby in a mall food court bathroom with a security guard claiming to be an expert on menstrual cycles outside, but this show has plenty of ground to cover in multiple moments in time. I’m in for episode three and beyond.

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