Wednesday, March 3, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Flash (Season Premiere)

The Flash: Season 7, Episode 1 “All's Well That Ends Wells” (B)

This definitely doesn’t feel like a season premiere, and that’s because this is one of several shows returning now after it was forced to end its previous run a few episodes early because production had to stop because of what was then the initial coronavirus outbreak. There are definitely elements here that feel unfinished, and after the action-packed hour that did end up ultimately closing out season six, this one felt a bit like getting back to normal, at least in terms of preparing Barry for his next big battle with his returned speed. Nash sacrificing himself hardly felt finite given that all the other versions of Wells managed to still exist within his brain and then inside Barry’s body for a short time. I enjoyed Grant Gustin getting to play all those characters, particularly his mastery of Sherloque’s exaggerated French accent. It was strange not to see Cisco or Caitlin around, while Ralph and Sue’s absence was explained away to give the show more time to figure out whether it’s recasting Hartley Sawyer or just doing away with the character altogether. Allegra and Chester are fine additions even though they don’t feel all that familiar just yet. Cecile proved to be a formidable adversary for the steely and intense Rosa, turning how she made others feel with her powers back on her to get the confession she desperately needed. Hopefully all this skill will help them in the fight against Eva, who is starting to realize that she may not have had all the facts a little too late to reverse all that she’s done.

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