Thursday, March 11, 2021

What I’m Watching: Resident Alien

Resident Alien: Season 1, Episode 7 “The Green Glow” (B+)

I enjoy the little tidbits that we learn about what humans don’t know, like that the universe is tiny and of course this is just basic knowledge that all aliens know so well. Isabelle showing up as he was about to get taken out by Lisa and David turned out to be useful so that he could very obviously say that he just needed space as a typical male. Lisa was ready to shoot him anyway even though she completely believed him, and it’s a good thing that David was there to stop it from happening. Harry did manage to get rid of Isabelle by demanding that she make him dinner instead of talking through their relationship, though that sent him spiraling and trying various ways of coping with the resulting feelings, including picturing the many careers he might be able to have. I love that he got high with Asta and Darcy and then went to talk to his octopus cousin before showing up in Max’s bedroom so that he could request that popcorn be added to the shopping list. Realizing that Max could see the green glow and help him get to his spaceship was productive but also elicited real concern from Max over his wellbeing, and now Asta and Darcy put themselves in danger by running after him onto the glacier. Kate was very angry with Harry’s misdiagnosis of her son, and Ben didn’t do himself any favors by agreeing too strongly with her admission that she could be controlling sometimes. Liv venting about Mike digging into her yogurt and not sharing her umbrella before she bonded with Jimmy about colleagues not listening to them led to Mike talking to Liv about her improper use of contractions and alleged disrespect to him, and he’ll have to do some groveling, which is absolutely not his style, to get her to come back and work with him.

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