Monday, March 22, 2021

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 11, Episode 9 “Survivors” (B+)

It’s starting to feel like things are winding down, with a few shenanigans left to go before this show signs off for good. I was worried when Debs hatched her latest plan that she and Lip were going to head into unforgivable territory, but that calmed down very quickly when he understood the gravity of what Liam was experiencing, trying to get put either in a foster home or in juvy to avoid becoming homeless. That closing moment was extremely sweet, with Liam so happy to learn that Lip and Tami wanted him to come live with them. He really is the purest and least problematic Gallagher, and I think he’ll contribute more to that household than any of the other siblings would. Ian wasn’t exactly comforting to Mickey in his time of mourning, and it was a bit of a stretch to learn that Terry had fallen in love with a Jewish girl from a religious family, and that his conversion and studying didn’t impress her father so he just decided to kill him. On the note of religion, Carl got put back with Officer Tipping, whose newly serene attitude was worse than his previous do-nothing obsession, but at least he’s back to being bored and not being complicit in criminal activity. On that note, Lip and Brad seem to be off the hook now that a mob boss only wanted to use their talents, not torture them to get them to admit what they did. Kev is going to have some serious explaining to do to Veronica when he does find his two daughters who ate a bunch of pot brownies, and maybe that’s how she’ll be able to convince her mother to move back to Chicago.

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