Friday, March 5, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 7 “Feelings” (B+)

I guess Celia has gotten over the fact that Jean isn’t her biggest fan – and Jean has maybe warmed to her future daughter-in-law – so that the two of them can get mad at the men in their lives for the things they did. I liked that Celia’s confidence and comfort level made Jean doubt her own situation, which in turn prompted Danny to make the mistake of putting his foot down so that Jean could walk right out the door and Freddie could later mock that move as something he would never do. It is fun to watch the awkward romance between Jean and Danny develop, especially since they’re not trying to pretend that the feelings aren’t mutual but just navigating a complicated reality. Jean lying to Freddie about going over to Danny’s to replace his carpet with other carpet was funny, and I enjoyed Celia’s quote about how love dies and her apartment is rent-controlled. Calling it a backup like car insurance was an entertaining way to put it, and all worked out with Freddie showing his affection and understanding by proposing that she keep her apartment. Learning about Jackie’s neuroses was a lot of fun, like that she got a fake ID just to be able to work at Dairy Queen, and Lane taking her to a restaurant where tables are reserved for walkups so that the actual reservations don’t get seated was hardly the brightest option. Her conclusion that she needed to feel this way and that she’s a pretty crier were helpful enough to her, and I’m eager to see what the newly unemployed and newly single woman does next with her life.

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