Saturday, March 20, 2021

What I’m Watching: Generation

Generation: Season 1, Episode 4 “Pussy Power” (B+)

As if the teenage generation on this show wasn’t interesting enough, it’s riveting to learn about the adults. We hadn’t previously seen much of Martha Plimpton’s Megan aside from a few clues about her straight-laced nature on the boat, and this was a formidable opportunity to see just how she interacts with the world. Going off on accommodating gluten allergies and diabetic needs in the meetings was pretty intense, and I enjoyed her strong reaction to her daughter’s use of the term “you do you.” Things got infinitely more uncomfortable when Mark invited Joe and Patrick over and launched into a diatribe against Brad Pitt’s more sophisticated filmography and then dismissed the notion of bisexuality when they explained that it didn’t necessarily mean that he was doing every wild thing imaginable. Nathan managed to get his sister angry again by going to make out with Arianna, who he of course asked if she enthusiastically consented, and I’m sure that will complicate the dynamic between those three going forward. Chester is really pushing to get into Sam’s personal life, and his affirmation of Chester’s big speech at the GSA is not going to make those boundaries any more secure. I don’t think the point of this show is to highlight the fragile and potentially dangerous nature of student-staff relationships, but some accusations of inappropriate behavior seem inevitable, particularly because Chester does nothing to hide his attraction towards his guidance counselor and Sam hasn’t been shutting it down in an emphatic or clear manner.

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