Saturday, March 27, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 8 “California Jeanin’” (B-)

It wasn’t too hard to figure out where this episode was headed as soon as Sharon arrived in Los Angeles. I saw Sherri Shepherd featured recently in the upcoming FX documentary “Hysterical” and remember her very funny performance as an assistant with many very specific medical conditions on “Trial and Error,” and I just don’t feel this show gives her a great role at all. Seeing her show up and emphasize as many Midwestern stereotypes as possible in just a few minutes didn’t feel all that necessary, and I suspect that her sticking around for a whole month is going to lead to much more friction than anything else. It’s certainly not going to help with Jean’s developing relationship with Danny, whose first impulse to buy her the last bra she’d ever need might have been practical but whose final enduring plant idea was actually very sweet. I don’t think he calculated for having an extra tenant who will enable him even fewer private moments with Jean. Freddie and Jackie have a clearly competitive relationship, and it seemed inevitable that Jackie’s less flashy gift would outshine Freddie’s poorly-wrapped call for attention. Celia’s dinner party with an uncooked main course and clothing items that even the birthday girl wasn’t allowed to wear was rather intense, but at least she’s feeling like she’s part of the family. And Lane did a nice job with his song, pouring out his heart and affirming his connection to his beloved Mother Raines through a heartfelt expression of music.

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