Monday, March 29, 2021

SAG Winner Predictions: Best Female Actor in a Drama Series

The competition: Gillian Anderson’s resilient prime minister (The Crown), Olivia Colman’s steadfast monarch (The Crown), Emma Corrin’s Princess Diana (The Crown), Julia Garner’s loyal deputy (Ozark), and Laura Linney’s calculating entrepreneur (Ozark).

For your information: This category contains just one returning nominee, Colman. Though she has won three Golden Globes, and an Oscar two years ago, Colman has yet to win a SAG Award, despite contending for this performance last year and in 2018 for “The Favourite.” She is also nominated this year for her film role in “The Father.” Linney and Garner both return after their show took a year off. This is Linney’s third bid for this part, and she has two previous film nominations and a win for the miniseries “John Adams” in 2008. This is Garner’s second nomination. Anderson won this prize in 1995 and 1996 for “The X-Files,” and earned four more individual nominations for that role and three bids as part of her ensemble. This is Corrin’s first nomination. She defeated Colman and Linney for the Golden Globe, while Anderson beat Garner, who has won two Emmys in a row. Double nominees from one show are common. This is the first time that the category has been represented by only two series. Both times – 2001 and 2002 – that two shows earned multiple nominations, a lead from one of them won. The only time three women were nominated from one show – 1999 – also resulted in the lead, Edie Falco, winning. Three supporting actresses have won this prize – Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson, and Maggie Smith. Both of these series also have their ensembles nominated.

Who should win? Though it doesn’t represent a range of shows, this list is strong. I think I would choose Anderson or Corrin, but I wouldn’t be disappointed with any of them.

Who will win? This is very competitive and it could be any of them. I’m thinking it could be Linney, but Anderson will be my pick.

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