Saturday, March 27, 2021

What I’m Watching: Generation

Generation: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Wheels on the Bussy” (B+)

After an episode set in different locations with the same three people, it was nice to have an opportunity to see everyone in close quarters for the whole time, keeping themselves busy on a bus ride that predictably led to much tension and angst. Before we got to that, Nathan just doesn’t know how to not get his sister angry at him, and Naomi crashing into a few trash bins because Nathan and Arianna hooking up in the back distracted her was understandable. Megan wasn’t at all helpful in what her daughter perceived as a hypocritical lecture, and Greta also got a shock related to her mom that threw her off. Getting a fake ID that wasn’t a great match didn’t help matters, and Riley really should learn to pick up more on the impact of her actions. By the end of the episode, they seemed to be doing quite well and getting very close after Riley finally moved to sit with her following her making a new friend at the bus stop and getting photographed by Riley. Chester seemed very shaken by Sam grabbing his arm when the bus got a flat tire, and he’s very close to revealing his crush to someone – probably Greta or Riley – and saying it aloud is likely going to make it all too real for the older and theoretically responsible member of that would-be couple. Never Have I Ever is never a good game to play, and Naomi and Nathan were very cruel to each other in a way that was clearly just entertaining everyone else but really stinging in their vicious hurling of personal secrets.

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