Monday, March 8, 2021

What I’m Watching: Good Girls (Season Premiere)

Good Girls: Season 4, Episode 1 “One Night in Bangkok” (C)

When this show ended up signing off a few installments early last May, I declared that I shouldn’t be watching it upon its return but that I probably would since I’m moderately intrigued by the story and characters. While this shouldn’t be technically considered a premiere since it’s merely continuing storylines that were supposed to be explored throughout season three, there’s no reason that it should have continued dragging on like this without any truly enticing new content. The incompetency of every character is irritating, particularly with the FBI, who wanted to ignore Phoebe’s very in-depth undercover operation as a boot camp instructor and pin the entire thing on Dean, who we know isn’t bright at all even if he’s demonstrating previously unseen work ethic. The health inspector prided herself on shutting down the hot tub store but was then so easily bribed with boatloads of cash placed in front of her, which didn’t exactly track. Ruby and Stan have to contend with a potential misdiagnosis of their son’s condition and what his needs will be, which will of course require extra money to be able to put him in the best place. Annie is distraught about not connecting with Ben and having no idea what he’s doing in his life, and she already has enough trouble focusing. While Beth managed to deal with her own distractions much better than the other two, solving this particular moment’s Rio problem and cooking up an impossible amount of baked goods, she is apparently the one getting in the way of James completing his assigned job. It would be nice if that plotline could just be wrapped up and these women could have someone other than Rio to work for, but I’m sure that won’t be the case. Will I come back next week to watch? I hope not, but probably.

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