Saturday, March 13, 2021

What I’m Watching: B Positive

B Positive: Season 1, Episode 11 “Recessive Gina” (B+)

They tend to be short, but I do enjoy the opening scenes with Jason Kravits’ humorless Dr. Baskin, who didn’t respond too well to Drew making assumptions about what he was going to tell him and his bedside manner. Drew is obviously very susceptible to and motivated by the judgments of others, and the honest advice of his fellow dialysis patients, including Gina’s unfiltered and harsh wisdom, compelled him to make sure that Gina wasn’t going to potentially end up worse off after helping him. I was most pleased to see Norma used in a productive fashion here, not just to fire off one-liners but to accompany Gina and Drew on the drive to Philadelphia to get some closure on her familial relationships while also dealing in a way with Norma’s own fractured connection to her daughter. Lying about her dad being dead shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise given that she routinely makes up social security numbers, but her resistance to Norma and Drew’s pleas to consider giving him a chance led to the devastating revelation that he had in fact died and no one told her. Norma and Drew helping Gina to say goodbye to her father via a ketchup bottle at the very sketchy diner was sweet, and provided a nice complement to the humorous bickering between her two carmates. Norma calling Drew Dr. Freud was particularly funny, and Drew celebrating the small victories he was able to achieve was nice too. It’s good to see characters used well and opposite other players they don’t tend to share scenes with on a regular basis.

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