Saturday, March 6, 2021

What I’m Watching: B Positive

B Positive: Season 1, Episode 10 “B Negative Part 2” (B+)

I’m not usually fond of episodes in which characters do drugs and then start acting in a very silly manner. That definitely happened here, except of course for the actual taking of drugs since Drew was delusional because he skipped dialysis and not because of the Tylenol that Gina gave him from the bag of mints in her fanny pack. It is refreshing to see him at least confronting the reality of the situation and trying to find ways to get comfortable with the uncertainty. It’s good that he wasn’t planning to go to Iceland with Maddie and that he was sending Julia with her instead, though his airport sendoff wasn’t a great moment when he made the ill-advised choice to run past TSA to give Maddie her guidebook. He pegged Gina’s skill at being a cheerleader and that he wasn’t in the mood, but she isn’t one to give up easily. It was sweet to see that his dialysis group showed up to look for him, and that Gina and Eli got to bond while they were walking around on the snowy-ish streets. Seeing Drew in a hospital bed at the end of the episode felt more dramatic than this show tends to be, but the mood lightened considerably when Samantha mocked him trying to breastfeed a garden gnome and opted to visit Jerry so that she wouldn’t have to come back and pay for parking again. Even Jerry got to let someone else be the punching bag for once, and he returned the favor by thanking Drew for giving him a reason to live (and laugh).

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